[Wapt] Template tis-adobereader in another language than French?

Klaus Ade Johnstad klaus at linuxavdelingen.no
Wed Sep 26 19:10:47 CEST 2018

Den 14.03.2018 17:32, skrev Hubert TOUVET:

So, I've had a look at tis-adobereader 2018.11.20055-5, to figure out
how to use that as a template for German and Norwegian language
packages. Normally in most other wapt-packages it's just the
control-file,setup-file and a exe/msi that i need to understand. But,
this adobereader packages contains a huge package-directory with a lot
of "stuff", and i'm not sure where you got those ini/msp/msi/mst/cab/exe
files from. And exactly which files I need to replace in order to get a
different language. Do you have some short info on exactly what to
change, and where you actually got the files you put inside this package?

> You have to create your own packages using ours as a template.
> Just replace adobe binaries in it.

Klaus Ade Johnstad
Klaus at linuxavdelingen.no

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