[Wapt] SHA Error after Building Package / Wapt Discovery

Dominik Rutkowski Dominik.Rutkowski at provalida.de
Mer 14 Juin 10:30:10 CEST 2023


Running on Wapt Discovery

Since last update it seems, when I'm Building Packages with Pyscripter, there will be a folder generated "__pycache__\\setup.cpython-38.pyc'"
There seems to be a Problem with Signing the Package

EWaptCorruptedFiles: Error in package pv-chrome(=114.0.5735.134-151) in C:\windows\TEMP\waptgkslldi3, files corrupted, SHA not matching for ['MP\\waptgkslldi3\\__pycache__\\setup.cpython-38.pyc']

I can't open the Same package again because of mismatch SHA
When I delete the  folder "__pycache__\\setup.cpython-38.pyc'" and upload Package, everything seems fine again

Thank you

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