[Wapt] Check updates and Apply upgrade buttons are suddenly grey, not functioning.

Hubert TOUVET htouvet at tranquil.it
Fri Nov 29 09:10:45 CET 2019

These buttons are greyed if either
none "reachable" hosts are selected 
or the Personal Certificate File can not be found at the location
specified in waptconsole settings 


 (GridHosts.SelectedCount>0) and OneHostIsConnected(GridHosts) and

Le 28/11/2019 à 16:56, Klaus Ade Johnstad a écrit :
> Hello, suddenly my wapt-console has the buttons for "Check updates" and
> "Apply upgrade" greyed out, and not functioning, the keyboardshortcuts
> also does not work (ctrl-u and ctrl-p).
> Where should I look for the error?

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