[Wapt] No access to local repository via webGui

Vincent Cardon vcardon at tranquil.it
Wed Apr 10 17:16:42 CEST 2019

Hello Elias,

Le 10/04/2019 à 15:27, Elias Pereira a écrit :
> Hello,
> /[offtopic]/
> *First I would like to give "my opinion" regarding the forum. Lately, 
> I've noticed an abandonment to the topics! I don't know if the priority 
> service is for those who have the wapt enterprise!? If so, I apologize. 
> There are some topics from February, March with no response! I know that 
> no one needs to know everything and only respond by replying, but it 
> would be nice to have at least one response from the staff giving some 
> feedback on the topic.*
> /[/offtopic]/

Thanks for your feedback.

The forum exists to be an unofficial source of documentation that come 
as a complement to the official documentation. The forum is indexed by 
search engines so that finding answers to common questions becomes easier.

I admit that few people post in English, we are working to change that.

I also admit that the Tranquil IT staff spends more of her time 
supporting enterprise clients over the phone, and proportionally less 
time on the forum.

We have support packages for users of the Community version of WAPT and 
the pricing is perfectly affordable, especially for an organisation like 
yours. It's 900EUR for 5 hours of support renewable annually. Clients 
that subscribe to that contract have no wait time and receive 
personnalized answers from the professionals that have made WAPT.

We would be just happy to start working with Brazil, a great and 
fascinating country.



> On my wapt page, when I select the "local repository" link it takes me 
> to the https://wapt.mycompany.net/store
> I tried to access the site directly https://wapt.mycompany.net/wapt, but 
> it is not allowed.
> Is it an "alias" for the wapt folder or after the update should have 
> changed?
> Configs:
> WAPT Server version:
> WAPT Agent version:
> WAPT Setup version:
> WAPT Deploy version:
> DB status: OK (
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