[Wapt] Some machines are not reachable in the wapt-console.

Klaus Ade Johnstad klaus at linuxavdelingen.no
Thu Sep 13 13:10:06 CEST 2018

We have problems with some machines in wapt-console, and in the column
where it normally says "OK" or "DISCONNECTED", for some machines we just
have the icon of a clock, see screenshot. The machines are online, and
when we reboot them, they get all the packages from the wapt-server they
should have. Where and how can we troubleshoot this? On the wapt-server
( on Debian stretch), or on the windows machine running the

We have 80 machines, and about 3-4 of them have this problem.

We have tried reinstalling the wapt-agent.
Klaus Ade Johnstad

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