[Wapt] Announce release WAPT 1.3

Denis Cardon denis.cardon at tranquil-it-systems.fr
Fri Dec 18 21:59:47 CET 2015

Hello everyone,

The WAPT dev team at Tranquil IT Systems is thrilled to announce the 
mainstream release of WAPT 1.3 (1.3.5 to be more precise).

While you should be as excited as we are, this release does not bring 
any new killer feature. It is however the result of months of listening 
to our users, validating with our own customers' installed bases, fixing 
bugs and enhancing existing WAPT features. So this version brings the 
same level of efficacy, with more certainty.

We want to congratulate Hubert and the rest of the dev team for the hard 
work done. We extend a big thank to all the testing community, and 
especially to Simon Fonteneau, for all the beta testing and the feedback.

The JRES conference in Montpellier in december 2015 (www.jres.org) has 
shown that there is a huge and growing interest in WAPT. We have 
discovered there that WAPT was being used in very clever and interesting 
ways on networks of all sizes.

The next series of efforts will concentrate on implementing "entreprise 
features" in WAPT destined to large structures with special needs. WAPT 
needs to be financially viable to bring confidence in its long-term 
sustainability by larger sized users. Nevertheless we feel, like you, 
that the GPLv3 features that you have come to appreciate must be kept 
available to all, independent of size : deploy software, configure 
software, maintain software, remove software and inventory software.

For upgrade path, look at the bottom of the mail after the changelog, or 
on the wiki at http://dev.tranquil.it

Adminsys is a cool job after all !!

Denis, Hubert, Vincent C, Yvan, Steven, Vincent M, Frédéric, Jérémie and 

    Changelog since latest mainstream version 1.2.3

      *Setuphelpers :*

**Additional functions :

  * local_drives : return list of local drives, with capacity and
    available space
  * all_files : list all files of a directory, including files of
    subdirectories (but not the directories themselves)
  * create_onetime_task : create a task in windows scheduler which is
    run only one time (so is deleted after scheduled time)
  * installed_windows_updates : return list of installed updates,
    indepently from WUA agent
  * install_exe_if_needed
    : install conditionally an exe setup, checking minimum version,
    uninstall key and force flag (
  * install_msi_if_needed
    : install conditionally an msi, detect uninstall key and add it to
    uninstallkey list of package
  * ensure_list : given a list or a string, always return a list, or
    None if allowed. String is considered as a csv list.
  * registry_deletekey : Delete the key under specified registry path
    and all its values
  * uninstall_key_exists : Return True if supplied uninstall key exists
    eithe rin win32 or win64 part of uninstall registry.
  * reg_enum_subkeys : list the sub keys (= sub directories) of an
    opened key
  * reg_enum_values : list the value names associated with a registry
    key (opened with reg_openkey_noredir for example)
  * win_startup_info : return list of commands launched at windows
    startup in run registry key and common startup folder.
  * fix for**create_onetime_task for windows 10 (Home ?) not working on
    some systems. use schtasks instead.
  * fix PackageEntry.match_search not working

Changes :

  * ensure_unicode : failover with replace for all types of data
  * wgets and wget : can optionnaly verify certificates. and use wapt
    user agent http headers, with no-cache pragma. raise exception earlier


  * FIX: incorrect  uninstallkey if nested call WAPT.install inside
    surrounding setup.install. https://roundup.tranquil.it/wapt/issue605
  * better tolerance to encoding issues.
  * fix waptserver discovery with SRV dns record
  * add optional dnsdomain in wapt-get.ini.
  * add optional verify_cert option (default to False) for waptserver
    access in wapt-get.ini
  * forget old host package if computer FQDN is changed
  * fix : check that there are no additional files in package content
    not checksummed in manifest.sha1 when unzipping
  * check systematically that declared uninstallkeys are found in
    registry after package install
  * allow session_setup to return a value different than None or zero to
    indicate a RETRY at next session logon
  * optionally includes packages with status ERROR for
    Wapt.is_installed(), WaptDB.installed_search,
    WaptDB.installed_matching. CBB : installed_search included errors by
    default in previous behaviour.
  * allow latest=1 in /status waptlocalservice utl


  * optionally filter newest only package (latest version) in
    waptconsole private repository or when importing from external
  * optionally filter newer than local packages in waptconsole when
    importing from external
  * display size of packages in repository grids
  * reorganize settings dialog to focus on most important parameters
  * allow several hosts and packages to be selected when cherry picking
    install, remove or forget packages in waptconsole inventory (cbb,
    user interface should be improved)
  * add wakeonlan feature for hosts running on same network as main
  * check md5 when downloading packages with waptconsole to avoid
    keeping incomplete or corrupted cached files
  * fix redirect from http to https not working in waptconsole
  * fix waptserver discovery with SRV dns record not working properly in
  * HighDPI aware Waptconsole
  * logo changes


  * recheck waptserver authorized IP in waptservice if call failed with
    restricted access (so that next call succeeds)
  * use create_onetime_task windows scheduler instead of AT command to
    trigger a waptservice restart
  * better handling when computer often disconnect (sleep) or change
    from one network to another network
  * allow ?q= search in localservice /packages and /status


  * authenticate systematically the waptagent.exe file with a sha256
    hash inside waptupgrade package or when using waptdeploy downloader
    (requires change in the GPO if gpo is used to deploy wapt automatically)
  * include waptagent.exe in waptupgrade package per default and trigger
    a full waptagent.exe install (through a windows scheduled task which
    uses waptdeploy) if upgrading from wapt < 1.3.0.
  * waptdeploy requires now --hash= option. --wait enable waptdeploy to
    wait for pending waptservice tasks to terminate before upgrading wapt.
  * fix for old wapt upgrade path


  * handles waptservice local authentication for wapt-get to allow
    install / remove as a non admin user.
  * add option to wapt-get --service  to force use of http webservice.
    default --direct for user members of computer administrators group
  * can pass waptserver user and password to wapt-get command line for
    automate package uploading tasks
  * guess package rootdir based on path of control in addition to
    setup.py files for development wapt-get tasks like install, remove,
    build-upload etc..
  * Fix command line parameters handling in wapt-get.exe


  * RPM package for waptserver on centos
  * use huey task pool in waptserver instead of uwsgi for portability
  * Fix waptserverpostconf not able to restart local waptservice properly


  * python upgraded to 2.7.10
  * many libraries upgraded (openssl, m2crypto, flask, psutils, etc...)

    Upgrade from 1.2.3

*Linux server upgrade*
With a server on Linux :
ssh on waptserver
wget http://wapt.tranquil.it/wapt/nightly/1.3.4-rc2/tis-waptrepo-1.3.4.deb
wget http://wapt.tranquil.it/wapt/nightly/1.3.4-rc2/tis-waptserver-1.3.4.deb
wget http://wapt.tranquil.it/wapt/nightly/1.3.4-rc2/tis-waptsetup-1.3.4.deb
dpkg -i tis-wapt*.deb
apt-get -f install
-> default answer to all questions.

      Windows server upgrade

Download http://wapt.tranquil.it/wapt/nightly/1.3.4-rc2/waptserversetup.exe
Install with admin rights.
Launch server postconfiguration (obviously, don't recreate a new new 
private key...)
Don't create waptagent from waptserverpostconf but use waptconsole 
option which provide both waptagent binary and waptupgrade package. 
waptserverpostconf creates only the waptagent.

      Wapt management host upgrade

on the wapt manage workstation (where the private key is defined)
download http://wapt/wapt/waptsetup-tis.exe from waptserver
install with default options

        Build clients upgrade package

**launch c:\wapt\waptconsole
tools/Build waptagent
 -> build the waptagent.exe and xxx-waptupgrade.wapt package and upload 
them to wapt server.

include the built xxx-waptupgrade package in your base group package or 
as a dependency of all host packages
trigger upgrade on hosts

        *GPO update*

**copy waptdeploy.exe to the gp
modify your waptdeploy GPO to include --hash= with the hash defined in 
c:\wapt\waptupgrade\waptagent.sha256 and a --wait=15 for example.
(you can get this on linux too with the command "sha256sum 
/var/www/wapt/waptagent.exe" )

      Pyscripter development / debug

The tis-python27 package no longer includes all the libraries of Wapt.
So one need to have a site-package dir to python init of Pyscripter to 
be able to debug using Pyscripter. This is taken into account into the 
new tis-pyscripter package, so you'll have to upgrade before editing 

In PyScripter, Option Tools / Edit startup scripts, update 
file*python_init.py* with lines :

import site

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