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Jérémie Courrèges-Anglas jeremie.courreges-anglas at tranquil.it
Fri Nov 28 14:35:46 CET 2014

Le 28/11/2014 11:20, Richard DURGAHEE a écrit :
> Hello,

Hi Richard,

> I just installed wapt-server on a windows server but when I finished
> it and wanted to launch WAPT console it asks me for a login and
> password and the password typed in waptserverpostconf doesn’t work.
> **

That is (obviously) unexpected.  Which WAPT and Windows Server version
do you use?

The password is stored in C:\wapt\waptserver\waptserver.ini (default
install).  This file should look like this:

# commented lines
wapt_password=<your obfuscated password>

To manually generate an obfuscated version of your password, run this
command (on a single line):

C:\wapt\waptpython.exe -c "import sys, hashlib; print
hashlib.sha1(sys.argv[1]).hexdigest()" your_new_password_here

But before modifying anything please make sure that you don't have
another web server running.  IIRC some Windows versions ship with IIS
activated by default.  This conflict with the embedded Apache server
needed for WAPT.


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